Community management regulations (Trial)

Cloud SMS is committed to protecting user privacy and avoiding phone harassment. In order to protect the vital interests of each user, maintain an open, real and professional community atmosphere, the cloud SMS team and the authorized community administrator of cloud SMS will be based on Terms of service (Trial)And the provisions of this specification manage the users of cloud SMS and the contents published in the cloud SMS. Cloud SMS encourages users to create and send high-quality content, and will also take necessary measures to manage illegal, infringing or other adverse effects of network information.

1、 According toRegulations on Ecological Governance of network information contentCloud SMS encourages users to send and copy information with the following contents:

  1. Publicizing Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in China's new era and comprehensively and accurately interpreting the socialist road, theory, system and culture with Chinese characteristics;/p>

  2. To publicize the party's theoretical line, principles and policies and the major decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee;

  3. Display the highlights of economic and social development, and reflect the great struggle and hot life of the people;

  4. We should carry forward the socialist core values, publicize the excellent moral culture and the spirit of the times, and fully display the spirit of the Chinese nation;

  5. Effective response to social concerns, dispelling doubts, analyzing things clearly, help to guide the masses to form a consensus;

  6. Other content of taste, style, responsibility, eulogizing truth, goodness and beauty, and promoting unity and stability.

2、 Cloud SMS may delete illegal content and block some SMS number functions to deal with the following illegal, bad information or harmful behaviors.

1. Information in violation of laws and regulations, mainly as follows:

  1. Against the basic principles established by the Constitution

  2. Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity, and damaging national honor and interests

  3. Insulting or abusing the image of heroes and martyrs, distorting, defaming, blaspheming or denying the deeds and spirit of heroes and martyrs, and infringing the names, portraits, reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs by insulting, slandering or other means

  4. Advocating terrorism or extremism or inciting terrorist or extremist activities

  5. Inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity

  6. Destroy the state's religious policy and propagate heresy and feudal superstition

  7. Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability

  8. It contains other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

2. Unfriendly: information or behavior that does not respect users and their contributions. The main manifestations are as follows

  1. Contempt: belittle, despise others and their work achievements

  2. Slander: fabricating, spreading false facts, damaging the reputation of others

  3. Ridicule: to expose or describe others or their behaviors by means of metaphor, exaggeration, or insulting, so as to provoke others

  4. Provocation: to provoke others in an unfriendly way, with the intention of making them respond to their own remarks, and deliberately create trouble

  5. Humiliation: to degrade the ability, behavior, physiology, or identity of another person and embarrass the other person

  6. Abuse: to make a negative evaluation of others in uncivilized language

  7. Discrimination: inciting crowd discrimination, regional discrimination, etc., and attacking others' national, racial, religious, sexual orientation, gender, age, geographical, physiological characteristics and other identities or classifications

  8. Threat: promise to force others to obey their will with bad consequences

3. Publishing spam advertising information: for the purpose of promoting exposure, publishing content that affects user experience and disturbs the order of cloud SMS community, or carrying out related behaviors. The main manifestations are as follows

  1. Several times, the garbage advertisements including selling products, providing services and promoting content have been published. It includes but is not limited to the following forms:

    1. A single mobile phone number publishes content containing spam advertisements many times

    2. Repeatedly published content containing deceptive outside the chain, such as unspecified Taobao guest links, jump sites, etc., to lure users to click on the link

    3. Publish a large number of SEO promotion links, products, brands and other content to obtain improper exposure in search engine

  2. Use special symbols, random codes and other ways to avoid the advertising content of garbage advertising content audit.

4. Malicious behavior: abuse product functions, and conduct behaviors that affect user experience, endanger platform security and damage other people's rights and interests. The main performance is as follows:

  1. Malicious editing refers to the editing that empties or deletes the effective content, adds irrelevant information, destroys the content structure, and reduces the quality of public editing content

  2. Interfere with the content of normal user experience. It includes but is not limited to the following forms:

    1. Frequently publish meaningless random codes such as characters and numbers that are difficult to identify and affect the reading experience

5. For those who are more dangerous, affect the stable operation of the cloud SMS platform, and may cause property losses or government related numbers to be shielded:

3、 Handling process of violations

The cloud SMS station collects information about violations by actively discovering and receiving user reports. All intentional actions that reduce content quality and harm the community atmosphere are intolerable.

Users can use the "violation information report" function on the bottom page of the cloud SMS website to report suspected violations of the provisions and users. The violation information shall be directly handled by cloud SMS according to this regulation.

4、 Penalty for violation

When a user publishes illegal content, this SMS message will be deleted.

5、 Appeal

With the continuous enrichment of community management experience, the cloud SMS station will continue to improve this regulation for the purpose of maintaining community atmosphere and order.

If users have any objection to the processing of cloud SMS based on this specification, they can give feedback to cloud SMS through the "suggestion feedback" function.